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1.Manos Saridakis - Greek Real Book
2.Ayhan Sicimoğlu & Latin Stars feat. Orhan Osman
3.Andy Sheppard with Dimitri Vassilakis group
4.Dimitri Vassilakis presents “Daedalus”

This year the common theme with Bodrum Jazz Festival under the broad title “Jazz Across The Water” is "Ethnic Jazz”.
Manos Saridakis will present his version of the "Greek Real Book", Ayhan Sicimoğlu & Latin Stars feat. bouzouki player Orhan Osman from Turkey will play a very energetic latin ethnic jazz repertoire and Andy Sheppard will bring his British heritage and his latest recordings for iconic ECM label while he will also play tunes from Dimitri Vassilakis award winning recording for historic Candid Records “Daedalus Project - Labyrinth” (2nd jazz album of the year on the BBC internet vote).


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